Considering Selling Your House in PA or NJ?

Aerial View of a Suburb
Are you facing any of these situations?
  • You are confronting foreclosure on your home

  • You are struggling to make your mortgage or tax payments

  • Your home needs repairs that you can’t make

  • You inherited a home that you don’t want and don’t know what to do with

  • You are facing divorce or other personal hardships

  • You need a change


Are you looking for a real estate solution to help you solve your problems? If you are facing any of these situations, you don’t have to worry and stress how you are going to overcome these. We are a local real estate company with a strong commitment to helping you overcome your real estate issues so you can move on with your life and pursue what is important to you.


We will provide you with a simple hassle-free solution. Talk with us and let us walk you through options to sell your house quickly. We will evaluate your home and provide you with a fair offer and we will make it a smooth and simple process. You have enough to worry about; don’t let selling your home be one of them.

Advantages to Sun Real Estate Group purchasing your home
  • No real estate commissions

  • No hidden fees

  • No appraisal needed

  • We purchase your home ‘as-is’

  • Quick sale without the hassle of waiting for bank approvals

  • No closing costs

  • We manage the paperwork so you have a smooth and hassle-free experience

Ready to sell? Have questions?

Just click the button below and fill out the quick contact form below and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can. Thanks…we look forward to hearing from you!